Keeping a Good Smell Inside Your Car

Though smelling good is not among the car’s functions, keeping bad odor away from your car is one way of giving a good impression to passengers who may be travelling in your car. However, be aware that not all smells can be covered with car perfumes. There are numerous techniques you can use if you want to rid off easily the bad odor from your car. One of the most essential and simple method you can use to avoid bad odor in your car is ensuring that it’s always clean. It’s ideal that you make it a practice to clean your car regularly.

clean car

clean car

Keeping a Good Smell Inside your Car

Things you’ll Require

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Odor remover spray
  • Non- abrasive cleaner
  • Scented car freshener or air freshener

Tip#1: Cleaning your Car Thoroughly:

Ensure that there is no drink or food container in your car which may be contributing to harboring bad smell. Dispose of trash out of the vehicle and then wipe out all non- fabrics interior with a non- abrasive cleanser. You will also be required to use a strong glass cleaner to clean the windows of the car at this time.

Tip#2: Removing Floor Mats from the Car:

Remove floor mats your car and set them aside. Carefully, vacuum upholstery and the carpet you often use in your car completely. Vacuum the floor mats as well and ensure that you also clean under each seat properly.

Tip#2: Spraying the Odor- removing Spray:

Spray the odor- removing spray carefully on all upholstery, carpet and floor mats. Before putting these things back into your car, it’s ideal that you ensure that they’re completely dry. Basically, when the spray properly dries, it normally lifts any odors which may be on the fabrics of the vehicle.

Smell a few of the spots on the carpet and upholstery so that you can be sure that the smell is gone. It is recommended that you re-apply the spray three to four times so that you can completely rid your car off all odors.

Tip#4: Attaching a Scented Vehicle Freshener:

Attach a vehicle freshener to your vehicle in a place which does not in any way obstruct the car’s windows. On the handle or knob of car’s air vents are excellent places that you can attach the scented car freshener. You can as well use an effective scented spray freshener, if you prefer.

Tip#5: Avoiding Smoking Inside your Car:

If you often smoke, now might be the ideal time to kick off the habit, or avoid smoking inside the car. Be aware that nothing sweet scented can easily survive a smoking environment for a very long time period. Also, consider banning smoking in your vehicle so that even your friends and colleagues cannot smoke while inside. You can indicate a sticker stating that smoking is prohibited inside the car.

Also, ensure that you do a thorough research when looking for a good freshener. Friends and relative who are either using the best car fresheners or who have used in the past can help you out in this.

Last, but not least, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll adhere to these tips and get rid of the bad odor that has been in your car.

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