Top 10 Best Snorkeling Spots on Earth

Where’s the best place in the world to go sightseeing? Underwater! Here are the 10 top snorkeling spots in the entire planet for you to marvel at the spectacular creatures beneath those ocean waves. Grab your snorkeling gear, wear a good pair of outstanding quality, crisp and clear swim goggles to see beyond what you will see, and don’t ever forget your diving watch that will make your undersea adventures complete!

1. Australia – Great Barrier Reef

Australia - Great Barrier Reef


Almost everyone is familiar with this ravishing place, but did you know that it can become extinct by the very near 2050, after half a million years of existence? According to some scientists, this is due to the atmosphere’s climate change, where rising levels of carbon are warming the ocean and bleaching the reef’s corals. The more reason you must not let the opportunity to snorkel here pass you by, aside from the more than 2,900 individual reefs that stretch an astounding 2,300 km, and the diverse range of fish, corals, and unmatched scenery it holds.

2. Bahamas – Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

Bahamas - Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island

Fin yourself away from the white sands and go deep into the deepest blue hole in the world. The entrance is situated below water level towards this gorgeous snorkeling spot. Diving here is like heading into a beautiful, stunning and breathtaking abyss! Watch out for jacks, tarpon, porpoises, turtles, and occasional dolphins.

3. Indonesia – Komodo National Park

Indonesia - Komodo National Park

One among only 5 islands in the world where you can see Komodo dragons, snorkeling here is truly worthwhile with such an amazing experience you will have your whole life! This place is a haven of crystal clear waters, stunning array of colorful corals and reef shelves, and an unequivocal biodiversity of marine life. You will most likely see the snapper, humphead parrotfish, occasional sea turtle, manta rays, and sharks.

4. Cayman Islands – Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman

This place is among the most popular and sought after snorkeling sites, where you will enter the magnificent world of the Stingray City. It is situated on a shallow sand bank off the Grand Cayman Island. Experience being mobbed by soaring soft, elegant Southern stingrays in the water that seems non-existent while they breeze through, as if merely slicing thin air!

5. Equador – The Galapagos Islands

Equador - The Galapagos Islands

Unlike most snorkeling spots revolving on tropical fish and bright, vivid corals, here you will witness marine life at its finest. This pertains to sea lions, dolphins, sharks, turtles, and occasional penguins! You’ll find the fascinating sea creatures very friendly and will happily swim right beside you.

6. Hawaii – Big Island

Hawaii - Big Island

Home to marvelous green sea turtles, humpback whales and spinner dolphins, you’ll have a grand time exploring this part of the ocean. There are also butterfly fish, wrasse, surgeonfish, and hawkfish. You are bound to get into eye contact with some of them, and maybe even hear and feel the haunting whale song!

7. Philippines – Dimakya Island

Philippines - Dimakya Island

Comprised of more than 7,000 islands, this place has a lot to offer, and may give you the best snorkeling experience yet. You get to swim with alluring mythical mermaids, the rare dugongs, and enjoy the friendly encounter you will never forget. They are highly endangered marine mammals that are in some ways similar and related to the manatee. It can grow to about 9 feet long and weigh an incredible 1,000 pounds!

8. California – Lover’s Cove, Catalina Island

California - Lover’s Cove, Catalina Island

A protected area that keeps kelp forest, reefs, and countless cool-water creatures. The fish in the cove are used to being fed which gives you a more intimate snorkeling experience, and they would love to nibble what you’ve brought! Here you can see sea stars, anemones, eels, octopuses, and the striking orange Garibaldi fish.

9. Dominican Republic- Silver Bank

Dominican Republic- Silver Bank

Snorkeling in the Silver Bank is a place where you can actually find gold, in terns of the treasure you will find in the humpback whales! In this shallow stretch of the Caribbean Sea, humans can snorkel and swim gracefully alongside humpback whales. It’s off limits to humongous ships which rendered it a safe sanctuary for the whales to mate and produce more beautiful life!

10. Solomon Islands – Uepi Island

Solomon Islands - Uepi Island

Famous for the presence of numerous sunken warships, the Solomon Islands is a great destination for snorkelers too. This tropical haven will let you explore an enchanting bio-diverse underwater ecosystem, where you can see clownfish, nudibranchs, reef sharks, giant eagle rays, barracuda, batfish, hard and soft coral, sponges, and more glorious images you can only imagine!

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